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St. Louis For Sale By Owner Attorney

If you have decided to sell your home for sale by owner (FSBO and generally pronounced “fiz-bo”), the St. Louis real estate lawyers at TdD Attorneys at Law LLC can represent your interests from contract negotiation to close. For many people, their home is their largest asset and it should not be exposed to the risks inherent in the sale process.

Why Choose TdD Attorneys at Law LLC?

  • Our attorneys have over 20 years of legal experience and have handled all types of real estate matters. We can help you navigate the process of buying and selling any type of property
  • Real estate transactions can be stressful for the buyer and the seller. You can trust our firm to handle all matters related to the sale on your behalf and keep you informed of major updates.
  • Our firm is dedicated to achieving the best results for our clients, and the results speak for themselves. We maintain a high client satisfaction rating across all major platforms.

An Overview of the “For Sale by Owner” Process in Missouri

Selling your own property involves several careful steps:

  • Preparing your home for selling
  • Listing and marketing your home to potential buyers
  • Determining the property value of your home
  • Arranging open houses and viewings
  • Assessing and evaluating potential buyers
  • Reviewing potential offers and counter offers
  • Arranging a home inspection
  • Preparing FSBO home disclosures, such as the title report
  • Taking care of the closing process before the home is sold

The process can be intimidating, but your attorney can guide you through each stage and ensure that your property is ready to sell.

Common Mistakes When Selling A Home

When a person decides to sell a home, he or she can take one of two pathways: hiring a real estate agent or selling the property on their own. For Sale by Owner (FSBO) transactions are relatively common, but they can be risky. If you do not have an agent or broker on your side, you should seek the help of a real estate attorney who can guide you through the process and ensure that your rights are protected.

We receive calls all the time from sellers asking for help once they are already in a bad spot after making a common mistake when selling a home. Often, the situation is the seller found a buyer, used a contract found online or a copy of a National Association of Realtors contract, and missed a contract deadline or didn’t realize there was a step in the process that is customary for our market — now the seller is at risk of losing thousands of dollars in the transaction. Other common calls from FSBO sellers occur when the buyer is represented by a Realtor, the seller has entered into an agreement he or she didn’t fully understand and now the seller is bound by a deal that clearly favors the buyer. And the worst, a seller has missed out on multiple high offers because he or she doesn’t understand the market and is making unreasonable demands of the buyer, and now the only offers, if any, are tens of thousands less.

At TdD Attorneys at Law LLC, our firms know how to navigate complex real estate proceedings. Whether you are buying or selling, we can represent your interests during the FSBO process and help you close the transaction seamlessly while meeting complex legal requirements.

Steps Involved in Purchasing a Home in St. Louis

If you are interested in a home that is being sold by the owner, the process will begin by making an offer and negotiating a contract with the owner. At TdD Attorneys at Law LLC, our firm can leverage key techniques to secure the best possible price and make a compelling offer to the seller.

Next, you will need to arrange a number of services to review the property and ensure that it is safe to purchase. This will involve home inspections, surveys, insurance, and title and escrow services. Your lawyer can help you arrange the best vendors to carry out these tasks.

Then, the process will move to the closing and possession process. Your lawyer will carefully review the closing statements and help you ensure that the title is clear. We will work to help you avoid common situations that would otherwise disrupt the process, such as a seller who refuses to move out. You can trust our firm to support you each step of the way, providing you with the smoothest buying experience possible.

Contact the Lawyers at TdD Attorneys at Law LLC

Do you need help with a real estate transaction? The lawyers at TdD Attorneys at Law LLC have the skills, experience, and knowledge to guide you through the buying and selling process. Contact us today at (314) 276-1318 to schedule a free consultation and speak with one of our real estate attorneys.