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St Louis Construction Defect Lawyer

Construction companies are expected to perform their jobs competently and ensure that their projects are free from any dangers or defects. When workers cut corners or use unsuitable materials, property owners, visitors, and residents can suffer—both financially and physically. At the same time, unfair and unfounded claims of defects can put companies’ reputations at risk.

At TdD Attorneys at Law LLC, our firm helps Missouri residents in handling disputes regarding construction defects. Whether the property was commercial or residential, our St. Louis real estate lawyers can represent all types of claims brought by or against property owners, builders, contractors, manufacturers, and more.  

Why Choose TdD Attorneys at Law LLC?

  • With over 20 years of legal experience, our firm is well-equipped to handle all types of real estate matters. We will guide you through each stage of the litigation and provide valuable support along the way.
  • Our attorneys have appeared in numerous publications recognizing our successful track record. We received a Five Star Award in Forbes and appeared on HGTV’s House Hunters as a featured realtor.
  • Our firm is committed to achieving the best possible results for our clients. We will work to resolve your construction defect claim quickly and efficiently.

Common Types of Construction Defects in Missouri

Construction defects can occur due to a number of factors. Poor workmanship, insufficient materials, or poor maintenance can lead to serious issues within a building. Some damage is immediately obvious, like plumbing issues, while other types develop slowly over long periods.

Below are a few examples of construction defects that you may encounter on a St. Louis property:

  • Deficient Construction: These issues may occur due to poor quality workmanship, leading to issues that can cause serious problems. For example, poorly installed plumbing can result in leaks that may damage electrical wiring.
  • Defective Design: The architects or engineers involved in a construction project may fail to ensure that the design of the building or system is safe. If not, the defects may lead to serious damage, such as inadequate structural support. 
  • Poor Quality Materials: When construction companies use cheap or insufficient materials, the entire building’s structural integrity can be compromised. These items may not last as long as they are supposed to, such as a window or door frame.
  • Inadequate Maintenance: Property owners need to maintain their properties regularly and order repairs when necessary. For example, if an apartment owner fails to raise the temperature on the HVAC system during the winter, the pipes can freeze, resulting in property damage.

Construction Defect Claims That We Handle

At TdD Attorneys at Law LLC, our attorneys have extensive experience representing clients in their construction defect claims. We can handle many types of cases, such as the following:

  • Claims involving defective building design
  • Claims involving defective workmanship
  • Delay in construction claims
  • Contractor insolvency
  • Claims involving insurance coverage
  • Defective engineering claims
  • Condominium construction defects

If you want to bring a construction defect claim or are facing litigation, contact our attorneys right away. Our firm will carefully evaluate your case, determine the best course of action for your claim, and strategize your next steps.

Contact Our St. Louis Construction Defect Attorneys Today

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