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St. Louis Land Use & Zoning Attorney

Most zoning and land use laws are determined by the municipality — either the city, county or town — where the real estate is located. Missouri zoning laws and the powers given to municipalities to enact zoning laws are provided in part by Chapter 89 of the Missouri Revised Statutes. A zoning and land use law firm defends individuals and entities that have been found to be in violation of local zoning laws and can assist in requesting a variance, or exception, to the local zoning and land use laws. Zoning violations or variances can be divided into two primary categories:

  • Use, also known as Euclidean zoning, controls the purpose of the building or how it will be used; residential, commercial or industrial, for example
  • Appearance means how the building physically appears and is oriented on the land on which it sits; building height, percentage of lot that has improvements (setbacks), number of parking spaces, and use of brick or other building materials are just a few examples.

Why Choose TdD Attorneys at Law LLC

What many real estate developers and property owners may want to factor in when selecting a St. Louis real estate attorney is whether that attorney has any other cases with the municipality. Zoning and planning codes are often generated as a result of political pressures, rather than logical city planning. Therefore, if one law firm represents several individuals related to zoning issues with the same municipality, the representatives of that municipality will attempt to play one project against the other. This can put one or both of the clients in a negative position.

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