Deed Reformation

Reformation Lawsuit

A reformation lawsuit action, also called a reformation lawsuit, reformation action or action to reform a document, is an equitable lawsuit in Missouri that is used to correct errors in a document that has been filed in the office of the recorder of deeds. The reformation action can be used to add, delete or change the content. The content that needs to be corrected could be a name, address, description, date or any other information. The document could be a warranty deed, special warranty deed, quit claim deed, deed of trust, easement or any other real estate-related document.

St. Louis Real Estate Lawyer

A reformation lawsuit is properly filed by a St. Louis real estate lawyer only when the document error is the result of a mutual mistake by all parties to the document and does not properly reflect the agreement of the parties. If there is a dispute regarding whether the information in the document is correct, a quiet title lawsuit may be a better choice.

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