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St. Louis Delinquent Real Estate Tax Sale Attorney

The St. Louis delinquent real estate tax sale attorneys at TdD Attorneys at Law LLC will guide you through the process of purchasing a property through a Missouri county tax sale, including the St. Louis City land tax sale, which follows a completely different process from other counties. At least once a year, the collector of revenue or sheriff holds an auction-style sale of properties whose real estate taxes have not been paid for at least three years. Purchasing a property at a delinquent tax sale can be a great investment. However, the purchaser must be careful to follow the law exactly to ensure that he or she does not lose the investment.

Bidding On Missouri Tax Certificate Sales

In Missouri counties other than St. Louis City and parts of Kansas City, the collector of revenue holds a tax certificate sale annually on the fourth Monday of August. If you are the successful bidder in a first- through third-year tax sale, Sections 140.405 and 140.410 of the Missouri Revised Statutes outline the process that must be completed to be awarded a collector’s deed. Summarily, our real estate attorneys will obtain a title report meeting certain requirements, send notices with specific language and redemption periods, ensure that the necessary records are maintained and, if the property is not redeemed, file the necessary affidavit with the collector. The applicable redemption periods are as follows:

  • First- and second–year tax sales — one-year redemption

  • Third-year tax sales — 90-day redemption

Post-Third Tax Sales

Post-third tax sales are different in that they do not have a redemption period and do not require the notice letters. If the county accepts your bid, you will be awarded a collector’s deed and can move onto the quiet title lawsuit.

St. Louis City Land Tax Sale Confirmation

The St. Louis City land tax sale confirmation process is completely different from the sale process in other Missouri counties. First, the Sheriff’s Office, not the collector of revenue, holds and manages the city tax sales. Second, technically there is no redemption. Third, a court confirmation hearing is required, which includes filing a motion, an appraisal and a court hearing, including expert testimony. If the judge confirms the sale, then a sheriff’s deed will be issued to the tax sale purchaser.

Quiet Title After A Tax Sale

Once you have the collector’s deed or sheriff’s deed, you can begin the quiet title action, which is a lawsuit required by most title companies before they will insure a transaction on a property that has been purchased at a tax sale for delinquent real estate taxes.

Tax Sale Redemption Lawyer

If you are an owner, lender or other lien holder who has lost a property at a tax sale, there may be a way to redeem the property. First, depending on the number of years the real estate taxes are delinquent, there may be a right of redemption. Second, many tax sale purchasers fail to follow the law exactly, which may allow the sale to be invalidated and property to be redeemed.

Contact Our Tax Sale Attorneys

From our offices in St. Louis, TdD Attorneys at Law LLC represents real estate investors in communities throughout Missouri. Contact attorney Ted Disabato at (314) 819-5713 to schedule an initial consultation with an experienced Missouri tax sale attorney today.

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