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St. Louis Title Defect Attorney

A title defect resolution law firm is often able to clear title defects without having to ever go to court. Many title defects are not true land disputes. Rather, the defect was caused by a real estate transfer deed that was improperly drafted, signed or recorded or the title company missed something in the search of the land records. These matters can often be cleared by contacting the individual or entity creating the defect and having them sign a quit claim deed. For certain matters, a scrivener’s error affidavit may resolve the matter, although you must be sure that the title insurance underwriter will accept this type of resolution.

What Can Our St. Louis Title Defect Lawyers Do For You

If a title issue or defect cannot be cleared through means that do not involve a court, a St. Louis real estate attorney can assist by filing a quiet title action, deed reformation action or other declaratory judgment real estate lawsuit. Although litigation of any sort is unpredictable, if you are able to serve the necessary defendants and obtain a default or consent judgment, these lawsuits can be completed in a reasonable time for reasonable fees and costs.

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