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St. Louis Real Estate Litigation Lawyer

Our St. Louis real estate attorneys handle specific types of lawsuits on a daily basis. But not all situations fit into a particular category. Some of our more complex real estate lawsuits have 15 causes of action (reasons to sue), ranging from breach of contract and quiet title to fraud. Litigation we handle for our investor and corporate clients may have 40 parcels of real estate (each with different defendants) in one suit — which can drastically lower the overall fees and costs versus filing a separate lawsuit for each parcel.

Suing A City Or Municipality in Missouri

When suing government entities like cities or municipalities, not all areas of law are available. So if the local government is acting or failing to act in a way that negatively affects your real estate, inverse condemnation may be the best lawsuit to right the wrong.

Call Our St. Louis Real Estate Litigation Attorney

From offices in St. Louis, TdD Attorneys at Law LLC represents clients in communities throughout Missouri. Contact our real estate litigation attorneys in St. Louis today at (314) 276-1318 to schedule a free consultation.