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St Louis Purchase Attorney

If you are considering buying a home for sale by owner, you should be represented by a Missouri real estate attorney who specializes in real estate transactions. The lawyers of TdD Attorneys at Law LLC are immersed in the St. Louis metropolitan real estate market, so we possess in-depth knowledge to help you make the best possible purchase decision.

How To Negotiate Your Contract When Buying A Home In Missouri

Beginning with the offer and contract negotiation, key techniques are used to secure the best possible net purchase price, structured in a way that induces the seller to accept your offer. Once under contract, we will provide reputable vendor options for the home inspection, survey, lending, insurance, and title/escrow services. Next is selecting the tests/inspections, other than just the basic building inspection, that often show problems in the St. Louis metropolitan market. We will help you read through the building inspection and use it for further negotiation. Issues that come up with the survey, title or lending will be reviewed and resolution options presented.

Steps To Buying A Home In St. Louis

Finally, to closing and possession, where we will ensure that closing statements are correct and help avoid situations we often receive calls about — like a buyer who purchased a home for sale by owner, completed the closing, the seller received the buyer’s money, and then refused to move out. Better yet, you may be able to receive this representation at no cost to you — sometimes the for sale by owner seller is even willing to pay our fees. Call (314) 276-1318 today and speak to one of our experienced real estate lawyers in St. Louis. You can also contact us online.