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St. Louis Real Estate Transaction Attorney

Whether going through a residential or commercial real estate transaction, you should have a Missouri real estate transaction lawyer who is intimately familiar with and can advise you on the following areas:

  • The necessary disclosures and your legal liability for not disclosing properly
  • The terms of the purchase contract
  • The real estate transfer deed that is required in the transaction and what you are promising or guaranteeing through that deed
  • Your lending options and direction regarding best practices for obtaining the best rate and the best loan product for your financial situation
  • The lending disclosures — truly know how much you are paying to finance the transaction and whether the fees are reasonable
  • The title commitment and the resulting title insurance policy — you may be able to have coverage exceptions removed as well as information added to the vesting or endorsements that provide greater protection at little or no cost
  • Survey, whether to get a spot or boundary (stake) survey and how to realize the liabilities in that survey, such as where an easement is needed or how it can be used to improve your title insurance
  • Closing, what to expect and what can go wrong

What To Consider Before Buying A Home In St. Louis

Not all real estate transaction lawyers can address these matters. The managing member of TdD Attorneys at Law LLC also owns a real estate brokerage, TdD Premier Real Estate. Whether you are a seller, buyer, investor or just want guidance on how to choose a real estate agent, we’ve provided information on what to consider before buying a home in St. Louis. Contact our St. Louis real estate attorneys at (314) 276-1318 to schedule an initial consultation with an experienced St. Louis Realtor and real estate attorney today.