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St. Louis Confidentiality Agreement Attorney

If you are considering exploring a new opportunity or new partnership, one HUGE mistake you should avoid is having these discussions without a Missouri confidentiality agreement in place. Whether it is a business idea, a potential business acquisition, a business partnership, the idea for a play, a festival, a creative marketing plan, a possible invention or anything where you are sharing nonpublic information with someone else, you need protection. Without a confidentiality or nondisclosure agreement in place before you have the conversations, the person or business you are sharing information with may be able to steal your idea with little or no legal recourse. Even if you have to litigate to enforce a nondisclosure agreement, it is a much stronger case and much more economical than attempting to prove someone stole an idea that was rightfully yours.

Our St. Louis Confidentiality Agreement Attorneys Want To Help You

Our experienced St. Louis business attorneys can counsel and draft a confidentiality/nondisclosure agreement covering your interests. Contact our team at (314) 276-1318 for a consultation to discuss your situation. You may also contact us online.