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St. Louis LLC Attorney

The most cost-effective and flexible way for most startup businesses to get off the ground in Missouri is to create a limited liability company or LLC (some people say limited liability corporation, but that term doesn’t exist in Missouri). Unlike in other states, the Missouri secretary of state does not require annual filings or payments for an LLC and the filing fee is around $50.

Articles Of Organization Attorney St. Louis

After understanding your goals, our office will help draft and file the articles of organization, which will establish the name of the business, primary business address and management structure and name the registered agent. If the articles of organization are filed correctly, the Missouri secretary of state will issue a certificate of service. Do you have an idea for a business here in St. Louis and are not sure where to start? Give us a call. Let our St. Louis limited liability company formation attorneys sit down with you and discuss your potential business and future goals.

Forming A Missouri Limited Liability Company (LLC)

A Missouri limited liability company is well-suited for single owner or multi-owner companies. For a single owner, the LLC’s purpose is protection of your personal money and property by separating your assets from the assets of the business. That being said, just forming an LLC DOES NOT provide complete protection. Our St. Louis LLC attorneys will counsel you in the necessary steps to best limit your liability and make it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to “pierce the corporate veil,” as it is called — which means that someone can sue you personally for damage, debt or liability related to the company because the business was not properly separated from you personally. Additionally, there may be tax benefits to running your business as a limited liability company.

Our St. Louis LLC Attorneys Want To Help You

Two or more owners get the liability benefits mentioned above, but can also use an operating agreement to outline the relationship between owners, how the money will be distributed and how the business will dissolve, just to name a few. To learn more, contact us at (314) 276-1318 or send us a message online.