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St. Louis Startup Lawyer

St. Louis Entrepreneurial Startup Lawyer

Starting a business doesn’t have to be a difficult or extremely expensive process. It does take time, money and support. But with a little guidance, our St. Louis entrepreneurial startup attorneys can offer the guidance and counsel you need for a successful start.

Steps To Starting A Business In Missouri

Choosing the proper corporate formation such as a limited liability company; obtaining your federal employer identification number (FEIN); arranging proper banking, confidentiality agreements, financing options, networking groups and contracts; hiring employees; and buying equipment are just some of the steps to starting a business. Our attorneys — especially founder Ted Disabato, who, unlike many business attorneys, has an MBA and has started many businesses — are familiar with small businesses and what it takes to have a successful entrepreneurial business model. Reach out to Ted directly at (314) 276-1318 or contact him online.