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St. Louis Estate Disputes Attorney

Resolving Estate Disputes And Probate Issues in Missouri

If properly drafted and administered, estate planning documents such as wills and trusts are great tools to determine how assets should be divided. However, after the person is deceased and the probate estate is opened, the family learns that the distribution of assets seems unfair, or the estate plan documents were modified without your knowledge and now heavily favor some beneficiaries to the detriment of others.

This often leads to an estate dispute to determine whether some bad acts lead to the distribution of assets favoring certain individuals. Other estate disputes arise when although the assets are to be split equally, the person in charge of the estate (the personal representative or trustee of a trust) is managing the estate in a way that benefits him or her more than the other heirs.

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Why Will Contests Are Important For The Probate Process

Will contests, also known as an objection to a will, are usually the result of:

  • Undue influence
  • Fraud
  • Duress
  • Coercion
  • Lack of mental capacity

Especially at the end of an individual’s life, he or she becomes more vulnerable and is easily manipulated into changing his or her last wishes with the influence of someone who will benefit from the changes. Filing an objection to the will or claiming an invalid will may be a necessary step to prevent an unfair distribution of assets; the probate proceeding is driven by deadlines and you may lose your ability to challenge the will if you don’t act within the deadline.

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