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A power of attorney allows you to authorize one or more individuals to manage your financial, personal and health care matters. For estate planning purposes, a durable power of attorney is used to ensure it survives your incapacitation, meaning you are unable to make your own decisions due to age, illness or injury. Without it, no one would be authorized to pay your bills, collect your checks or make sure you are cared for. More importantly, a Missouri power of attorney allows you to specifically limit the authority of the individual you appoint as your power of attorney, and instruct them how to act on your behalf.

Springing Power Of Attorney

If you would like to limit the effective date of your durable power of attorney, it can be drafted to only become effective in the event of your incapacitation. Drafted in this manner, the document is often referred to as a springing power of attorney.

Effect Of Death On A Power Of Attorney

Any power of attorney becomes VOID UPON DEATH, at which time your family will have to open probate if you have a will or no estate planning or, if you have a trust, your trustee will be responsible for your affairs.

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