Spousal Support/Maintenance

Missouri law may require spousal support, also called alimony or maintenance, in some cases of divorce or separation. The amount and duration of alimony for your ex-husband or ex-wife is determined through a two-part test.

Two-Part Test To Determine Alimony

Part I involves evaluating whether the marital asset division in the divorce or separation is sufficient to meet the ex-spouse’s continuing needs. Part II involves evaluating if the ex-wife or husband is capable of meeting their own financial needs. Spousal support and maintenance is separate from child support; alimony can be awarded in addition to child support or if there are no children involved.

St. Louis Alimony Lawyers

If you are considering divorce, or already going through the process, the St. Louis divorce attorneys at TdD Attorneys at Law will advocate for, or defend against, alimony payments in Missouri. Whether you are looking to receive, or have been court-mandated to provide alimony payments, our St. Louis attorneys will fight for your rights and financial circumstances.

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