Child Custody

When dealing with custody of your children, the St. Louis child custody attorneys at TdD Attorneys at Law will advocate for the best interest of you and your children. Missouri child custody covers everything from a detailed schedule when each parent will have the child (including a breakdown of holidays and vacations) to insurance coverage and extracurriculars. In addition, the child custody schedule can drastically change the amount of child support.

Factors In Missouri Child Custody

Our attorneys will listen to your situation and help establish a plan that most benefits you and your children. We want to make sure your child is given the greatest opportunity to have a complete relationship with you. Let our St. Louis attorneys be your partner through your child custody court decisions.

Know Your Rights Regarding Child Custody

Don’t make decisions that you may be bound to for years without knowing your rights. Contact our team at (314) 819-5713 or reach us through email.

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