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St. Louis Child Support Lawyer

In Missouri, child support is determined in divorce, separation and child custody matters involving minor children. Missouri Form 14 is used by the court as a guide to determine the amount of child support.

How Is The Child Support Amount Calculated

Although this form exists as a guide, the court does not necessarily have to award the amount on Missouri Form 14, and the financial data entered into Form 14, as well as the child custody schedule, can significantly vary the amount of child support.

Our St. Louis Child Support Lawyers Want To Help You

Our St. Louis family law lawyers at TdD Attorneys at Law will do the necessary research and ask the right questions to best represent you and your child’s interest or defend you from an unjust child support award to better allow you to provide for your child as you see fit. You can reach us by phone at (314) 276-1318 or contact us online.