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If you have been arrested and charged with possession of marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, prescription or another controlled substance, you should seek representation from a St. Louis drug possession attorney. Depending on the drug, how aggressively the court will handle your case varies drastically. Considering the discussions regarding the legalization of marijuana in Missouri, although still currently illegal, prosecutors are more lenient against marijuana-related charges. Compare that to the destructive effect methamphetamine and heroin have on a person’s life; as a result, the court is usually much more aggressive against these possession charges.

Marijuana Possession Citation

At TdD Attorneys at Law, we will examine every aspect of your situation to determine the best defense and outcome possible. Sometimes we work with the prosecutors and court personnel to come to a settlement without the need for a trial. These settlements often have reduced charges and less of a lasting effect on your record and life. If a settlement isn’t an option, our team will investigate the police interaction, witnesses and search procedures at the time of the arrest to provide a zealous defense.

Contact Our St. Louis Attorneys For Help With Drug Paraphernalia-Related Legal Issues

If you have been charged with drug possession or paraphernalia possession, you should seek legal counsel to protect your rights. At TdD Attorneys at Law in St. Louis, we will guide you through the process. Learn more about your rights after a drug possession charge by setting up a consultation. Call (314) 819-5713 and speak to one of our drug possession lawyers. You can also contact us via email.

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