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Tdd is your partner for life: 11 reasons why you should call us now rather than wait

Posted on July 6, 2020

How can we save you thousands or even tens of thousands over your lifetime? Most of us don’t have a “go-to” resource when major life events happen. People scramble to find qualified assistance–– and sadly, only receive moderately skilled help and a huge bill. TdD is a group of skilled, trusted and reputable Attorneys and Realtors located in St. Louis that work with individuals and companies throughout their lives to provided top representation for reasonable rates. Working with TdD throughout your life will save you thousands.

Here is 11 ways TdD is your Partner for Life:

1. You Are Buying or Selling Your Home

Managing Attorney Ted Disabato is a top REALTORⓇ in born and raised in St. Louis. Ted’s distinguishment in the real estate industry, including:

  • Being featured on HGTV’s House Hunters
  • Recognized by Forbes as a Five Star Professional
  • The knowledge and negotiation skill of a prominent and actively practicing Real Estate Attorney
  • An MBA with a concentration in Marketing to sell your home for the highest price
  • Extensive experience in ALL aspects of a real estate transaction;
    • Title (he was the President of a Title Company)
    • Lending (he holds a lending license NMLS 298677) and worked for the Citigroup Private Bank in NYC
    • Construction (rehabbed more than 10 homes)
    • Behind the scenes knowledge to get you access to a home before it comes to the market
  • The experience that comes from Ted’s companies having sold over $250 million in real estate

2. You Need an Estate Plan

An estate plan–– including a Trust, Will, Power of Attorney, and Health Care Declaration ––is surprisingly affordable through TdD Attorneys at Law and should avoid the much more expensive, time consuming and public process of Probate. Many people don’t realize if you only have a Will, your beneficiaries will still have to go through Probate. Here is a guide to creating your first Estate Plan.

3. You Need Assistance with Probate

If a family member has died, with only a Will or without any estate planning, TdD can take you through the Probate process more cost effectively than most law firms. Learn about types of estate administration for Probate here.

4. You’re Going Through Divorce And/Or Child Custody Issues

There is nothing to say other than you need top representation during this challenging and transformative time.

5. You Need a Prenuptial Agreement

Are you getting married? It’s best if you discussed the protections of a prenuptial or antenuptial agreement to get the relationship started on the right foot!

6. You’re Selling Your Home as “For Sale By Owner”

If you choose to market your home yourself but still want an attorney to draft the contracts and take you through to closing, TdD is here to help.

7. You’ve Been Injured

If you’ve been injured in a car accident or by medical malpractice, you need to have a great attorney you can trust who knows how the insurance companies work.

8. You Got a Drunk Driving Arrest (DUI)

If you made a mistake and want to ensure it does not have a long-term effect on your family or job, TdD can assist negotiating for a lesser charge.

9. You Want to Form a Limited Liability Company (LLC)

If you have an idea for a company or want to protect your investment properties from your personal assets, TdD Attorneys at Law can help you properly form a company and advise you on the steps you must take to allow that LLC to protect your personal assets. It is not automatic just because you file Articles of Organization with the Secretary of State.

10. Litigation

Whether it is a construction contract, business deal gone bad, problem neighbor, or any other contentious situation, TdD has skilled litigation attorneys to assist you.

11. You Need Criminal Defense

If you or your kids get in a little trouble trespassing or getting into a fight, we can defend you. If you purposefully killed someone, TdD is absolutely not the law firm for you.

If one or more of these situations applies to you, give us a call for a FREE consultation at 314-276-1318. You can also email us at