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6 reasons to call a family law office

Posted on July 10, 2019

Divorce is an overwhelming process for everyone. If you’re thinking about filing for divorce your spouse has already initiated the process, it may be time to call in some help. That’s where an attorney who specializes in family law matters will be critical for you.

What does a lawyer do for a family as a “family lawyer”?

The divorce process can get messy without an attorney, and there are many reasons to have experienced representation who understands the multi-faceted needs of a family, in respect to the whole body, after the separation occurs. The attorney with proven experience has seen it all, heard it all, can help you and your family avoid painful mistakes in planning for each spouse and their children.

The following are six reasons it would benefit you to hire a family law attorney:

1. Understanding the Effects of Divorce

Decisions made during the divorce process will significantly impact the rest of your life. Not all couples decide to divorce when things aren’t working out and opt for legal separation instead. A family law attorney can help you decide what’s best for you.

However, to grant a divorce, the court requires that several issues be settled, including the following:

● Division of property

● Awarding of Spousal support

● Child custody parenting (or joint custody)

● Child support

Ex-partners will often leverage these issues against one another in an attempt to get the best outcome. Experienced family law attorneys can direct what course of action to take and how to ensure you achieve your goals.

2. For the Sake of Objectivity

A family attorney is a trained professional third-party who is more objective than you about your divorce case– particularly when emotions are high. An attorney can counsel you to view the divorce from a more rational perspective with the bigger picture and your best interests in mind.

3. To Get Expert Consultancy

Considering marital property or separate property and standard of living, the division of property can become very hairy. Experienced family law attorneys work with a team to resolve financial issues through the most sensible and well-informed arguments. There’s no better representation when it comes to resolving legal families matter. To ensure you get the best legal advice, be sure to collect all financial records to help your attorneys build their case.

4. So You Don’t Have to Do the Paperwork

No matter what state you’re in, any case that goes to court is guaranteed to come with a load of paperwork. Family law attorneys are experienced in working through all the paperwork and can easily navigate the litigious language– so you have one less thing to overwhelm you in the divorce process.

5. To Guide You Through Alternative Dispute Resolution

As mentioned above, not all divorce cases have to be resolved in court. Sometimes cases are resolved through mediation– which are negotiations guided by a third party. This route can possibly save you money, time, and a lot of emotional expense.

6. To Represent You If You Go to Family Court

In the case where you need to go to trial, your dedicated lawyer will be with you every step of the way through court, defending your case, and working to achieve the best possible verdict for you from the jury.


You don’t have to experience the battle of a no-fault / fault divorce on your own. You deserve the professional help of an experienced family law attorney to advocate for your best interest. Whether your case is resolved in mediation or in court, TdD Family Law Attorneys will ensure the best representation of you.