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Legal Resolutions for Your Real Estate Needs

A parent’s new spouse and inheritance

Posted on July 18, 2022
It seems natural that parents should not outlive their children. If things go as planned, children will inherit their parents’ estates when they die, that is, if the parent leaves a will or other estate plan that benefits the children. If that parent remarried sometime prior to their death, and there is no will,...
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Reasons to use an estate planning attorney over online forms

Posted on June 15, 2022
The internet, podcasts, and social media platforms like YouTube have created a growing do-it-yourself (DIY) society. You can repair your own faucet or upcycle a tired breadbox by going online to learn how. If the faucet continues to drip or the breadbox doesn’t look quite like the one in the video, even after your...
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Creating a business succession plan

Posted on April 29, 2022
As a business owner, you probably know how important it is to invest your time and effort into building and growing your company. However, it is equally critical to invest your time into developing a strategy to keep your business operating in the event of your retirement, disability, or death.According to the U.S. Small...
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