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Legal Resolutions for Your Real Estate Needs

Missouri Adverse Possession Laws

Posted on January 5, 2024
Adverse possession in real estate law is a doctrine under which a person who is in possession of land owned by another individual may meet certain requirements to acquire a valid title for that property. This doctrine is also referred to as “squatter’s rights.” In Missouri, an individual who inhabits a neglected piece of...
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What Is a Partition Action?

Posted on December 15, 2023
A partition action is a lawsuit that can be filed to divide or sell a property by court order when it is owned by more than one person who have agreed to fair and equitable division of the property. A partition suit may be necessary to resolve a legal dispute regarding shared property, such...
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What Is the Redemption Period for Tax Sales in Missouri?

Posted on December 1, 2023
Homeowners in Missouri are required to pay property taxes. If someone is delinquent in a property tax obligation, meaning they have fallen behind on payments, they will most likely have a redemption period of up to one year to pay what is owed before the title of the home is transferred to the highest...
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