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Zoning can impact where homes are built

Posted on October 11, 2018

Choosing a community in which to build one’s dream home can be an exciting step for a person as they anticipate settling down and growing roots in a new place. As they seek out the right spot to construct their new residence they may find different locations that seem to possess different characteristics, benefits, and drawbacks. This is because in Missouri and other locations throughout the nation many communities use zoning to dictate where certain types of structures may be located.

In essence, zoning attempts to group together buildings that have similar uses and purposes. That is why St. Louis residents may see many manufacturing businesses near each other without private homes mixed into the spaces in between. It is why they may see agricultural entities all near each other and outside of the business districts of their cities, and why restaurants, shops, and bars may all be constructed in proximity to each other due to their similar hours of operation and clienteles.

To this end, when a person decides that it is time to build their own home they will have to consider how the location they have picked is zoned. If it turns out that their dream spot is not zoned for houses then they may have to continue their search for a more appropriate location.

Zoning is an important part of understanding how properties may be used in particular communities. When confronted with a zoning problem or question a person may wish to seek the help of a real estate attorney to get to the bottom of their inquiries.