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You need a plan for your end of life estate

Posted on October 25, 2018

Missouri residents spend much of their lives working hard at their careers to earn income so that they can provide for themselves and their families. It is a common practice for individuals to save what they can for the future so that they may one day be able to quit their jobs and enjoy their retirements. No one wants to spend their entire life working because they want to be able to appreciate the fruits of their labor before they are too old to relish them.

However, even though individuals are good at making plans for their futures, they are not always as good at making plans for an even more definite event: their deaths. Talking about death and what will happen after a person passes away can be a difficult topic for some, but the problems that can arise when a person fails to make an estate plan prior to their passing can cause even more difficulties for their estate as well as the people that loved them.

A person without an estate plan may not have any control over how their assets are divided and may have their estate values diminished if their assets are stuck in a lengthy probate battle. They may fail to provide for their loved ones and may make costly mistakes that end up leaving their relatives with little to nothing from the decedent’s end-of-life estate.

Everyone should plan for retirement, but they should also plan for their end-of-life estates. TDD Attorneys at Law are prepared to guide new clients through the estate planning process so that they may confidently execute the documents they need to feel secure about their futures.