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Why getting a home inspection is a smart move

Posted on September 7, 2017

Purchasing a home in St. Louis is one of the biggest financial moves that many people will ever undertake in their lives. Therefore, it is important to know as much as possible about a property before committing to its purchase. No one wants to fall in love with what they think is their dream home only to later find out that a bunch of costly problems exist.

That is why many buyers opt to have the home inspected before the transaction is completed. According to, the home inspection is crucial for a few different reasons. For one, it may be the only opportunity the buyer has to raise any objections about the condition of the house or repairs that need to be done. If the inspector finds a major issue, the buyer can then negotiate with the seller to either have the problem fixed or to receive a credit at closing to cover the expense.

Also, while some people may think themselves savvy enough to spot a major problem with a house, a professional home inspector is specially trained to notice areas of concern. Anyone can see that a basement filled with water is a huge issue. But not everyone is able to recognize signs of past flooding or damage the way a home inspector is.

As Bankrate points out, home inspections can also be beneficial for sellers. Having an inspection performed before listing the house on the market can help a seller know exactly what condition his or her house is in. Any issues or necessary repairs can then be factored into the price of the home or the work can be completed before listing the house