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When to hire a lawyer for a real estate matter

Posted on April 19, 2018

Many people buy and sell homes everyday without an attorney, but there are times when having a lawyer in a real estate transaction is important. Getting a real estate attorney on board early in a property transaction can prevent many potential legal headaches.

Whether you are just entering into a real estate transaction or you are trying to solve problems related to a previous transaction, a qualified real estate attorney can assist you. Here are a few cases in which you may find it useful to consult with this type of lawyer.

1. Contractual Questions and Disputes

Real estate attorneys are uniquely qualified to handle your questions about contract terms and conditions. A real estate attorney can also draft contracts when needed, whether the contract pertains to a home sale, rental, or any other type of real estate transaction. Legal questions about real estate transactions require answers from a legal professional. You should get solid legal advice when it comes to questions about contracts because an effectively written contract can help prevent legal conflicts later on.

2. Legal Advice with Your Best Interests in Mind

Especially in high-stakes real estate transactions that involve some amount of risk or high value, a real estate attorney can give you legal advice that takes your best interests into account and help you see any potential pitfalls that may create legal trouble for you. While real estate agents are professionals in their sector, their business is to sell real estate and broker transactions, not necessarily ensure your protection from any possible legal consequences of an overlooked loophole or glitch in a deal. You may even wish to seek an attorney who also has a real estate broker’s license to get the best of both worlds.

3. Assistance with Complicated Property Issues

Real estate transactions are complex, and any number of complicated property issues may arise in the course of a transaction. If you do not properly understand the risks and consequences of issues that can arise in titles, easements, real estate transfer deeds, as well as a wide variety of other obscure legal issues, a lawyer can assist you and ensure the protection of your rights. An attorney can also help in negotiations and ensuring that transactions proceed smoothly according to the law.