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Reasons to use a real estate agent when selling your home

Posted on March 29, 2017

Selling a home in Missouri is a complex process. It may seem easy from the outside: put up a sign, show prospective buyers the home and get a buyer. However, there are a lot of details involved that need the assistance of a professional. A person can sell his or her home without a real estate agent, but there are plenty of reasons that it is a better idea to hire an agent.

According to Time, Inc., the agent will handle an array of tasks for the home owner. This includes marketing the home and attracting buyers. The agent shows the home and answers any questions prospective buyers may have. In addition, the agent will help the home owner set a selling price, along with ensuring proper documentation is completed to put the home up for sale. In addition, once someone has made an offer, the agent will handle negotiations and complete all the necessary paperwork that comes along with finalizing the sale. notes that an agent will also help ensure the selling process is safe. They vet potential buyers to make sure they are serious and accompany them when they view the home. Agents will also handle any unexpected things that may come up during closing. Closing is when inspections will be done that could reveal issues. The agent will know how to handle such things and assist the home owner with any repairs or other things that need to be done to get the closing pushed through. Finally, an agent can offer professional advice and assistance throughout the whole process.