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Important consideration for people preparing to sell their homes

Posted on July 5, 2018

Making the decision to sell one’s home and to move to a new residence or community can be a huge step for a St. Louis family. As such those who are making preparations to undertake this feat should proactively seek out certain information so that they can make knowledgeable and informed decisions about the important task of selling their home. This post is focused on considerations individuals should make before selling their homes through their local real estate markets but as with all legal matters consultation with real estate attorneys is the best way for readers to get case-specific support.

First, before selling a home an individual may want to consider if their home will be going on the market at a good time of year. Summer and spring are often good times to sell houses as families with children often want to settle into their new residences before sending their kids back to school. How the time of year affects home sales is a good matter to discuss with a local real estate attorney.

Second, knowing the local market and comparable home sales for one’s community can help a home seller price their property in an effective way. No home seller wants to undersell their home and so buy knowing their local market they may be able to identify a good selling price that fits into how similar homes near them have sold.

Finally, home sellers should understand the financial repercussions of letting go of their properties, from the tax consequences they will be responsible for to the financing requirements their prospective buyers will have to utilize. With so much at stake individuals who want to sell their homes can benefit from discussing these and other considerations with lawyers who work in the real estate field.