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Guiding people through the probate process in Missouri

Posted on March 28, 2019

Everyone in Missouri will lose family members throughout their lives. The family members of the deceased will leave a lot of memories for their loved ones. They will also leave all of their property. This property will be given to people who were left for family members and friends either in a will or pursuant to intestate law. However, there is a process that needs to occur in order to ensure the proper people receive the property and that is the probate process.

Through the probate process, the personal representative must first gather all of the assets and property. They then must find the beneficiaries which can take some time especially if the will was executed many years before the death. The personal representative must identify creditors and how much they are owed. Then they must conduct the accounting of all the assets and debts and then finally distribute the assets to the appropriate beneficiaries and creditors.

This can be a very complicated process and during the process there can be fighting within the family depending on who was given property in the will especially if it was given unevenly. This can create a lot of stress during a period of time when people are grieving. It is also a very technical process that can be very time consuming and easy to make mistakes. So, it is not always a desirable role to be given, but it is a very important one.

When people in Missouri lose loved ones usually their focus is on the loss and grieving. However, while people are grieving the loved one’s assets must be distributed and the personal representative is responsible for ensuring this happens. At TDD Attorneys at Law we understand the probate process and the complications that can arise during it. We also understand that grieving is the most important part of the process. So, for more information on how we handle probate please visit our probate and estate administration page on our website.