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Estate planning the smart way

Posted on February 8, 2018

Taking the steps toward estate planning is often no easy task. The term itself can confuse many Missouri residents; not to mention, it can become an incredibly sensitive topic. There are, however, successful ways to go about solving estate planning problems.

Anyone can become stumped by the obstacles of making such arrangements, but some tactics can work better than others. A large majority of those beginning these plans may wonder, what are some of the common mistakes people make when estate planning?

Common Missteps

Although the first mistake on their list may seem apparent, Forbes stresses that not having an estate plan to begin with is one of the most common errors in the process. While state law provides a fallback option for estate planning, Forbes urges those in this life stage to identify personal objectives in order to make the process easier down the road. As for the details, many fail to review their beneficiary designations and proper account titling. This step is a major one, since both of these aspects generally determine the designation of a beneficiary. Other common mistakes that Forbes highlights include the maximizing of annual gifts and the failure to consider the various aspects of life insurance.

Challenging Approaches

Financial information resource MarketWatch shares another common problem within estate planning: the attempting of completing it solo. Although some approaches may prove successful, MarketWatch states that having complex finances are usually a tell-tale sign that planning without a professional may be a bad idea. For instance, complicated assets and unusual family situations may call for an expert. Most of all, a trusted professional can help sort out the fine print and ensure that no parts of a plan are left behind.