Selling A Home For Sale By Owner

If you have decided to sell your home for sale by owner (FSBO and generally pronounced “fiz-bo”), the St. Louis real estate lawyers at TdD Attorneys at Law LLC can represent your interests from contract negotiation to close. For many people, their home is their largest asset and it should not be exposed to the risks inherent in the sale process.

Common Mistakes When Selling A Home

We receive calls all the time from sellers asking for help once they are already in a bad spot after making a common mistake when selling a home. Often, the situation is the seller found a buyer, used a contract found online or a copy of a National Association of Realtors contract, and missed a contract deadline or didn’t realize there was a step in the process that is customary for our market — now the seller is at risk of losing thousands of dollars in the transaction. Other common calls from FSBO sellers occur when the buyer is represented by a Realtor, the seller has entered into an agreement he or she didn’t fully understand and now the seller is bound by a deal that clearly favors the buyer. And the worst, a seller has missed out on multiple high offers because he or she doesn’t understand the market and is making unreasonable demands of the buyer, and now the only offers, if any, are tens of thousands less.

St. Louis Real Estate Attorney For Sale By Owner

We have helped hundreds of people sell their homes in the St. Louis metropolitan area. If you choose to hire our St. Louis real estate attorneys to represent you in a for sale by owner transaction, don’t wait to reach out when there is a ready buyer — please reach out early, before you start advertising your home, so you will be ready when a buyer comes along. You can even customize the extent of our representation, from simply drafting the contract to handling multiple aspects of the sale: negotiating with the buyer, drafting the contract, taking you through the buyer’s inspection negotiation and the municipal inspection, dealing with survey, insurance, title, lending and other issues that come up to the closing table and possession transfer. Call (314) 819-5713 today and speak to one of our real estate lawyers. You can also contact us via email.

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