Condo Associations

St. Louis condominium associations are legal entities guided by the Missouri Condominium Property Act. Unlike homeowners associations, condominium associations must closely follow Missouri statutes. Once the condominiums are created through a condo declaration, the covenants, conditions and restrictions, also referred to as CC&Rs, bylaws or indentures, define the maintenance and use for all of the common elements, as well as give the association the power to maintain the exterior of all of the buildings, landscape, parking, etc.

Condominium Law Firm

It is important for condo trustees to ensure that they are taking the proper steps when making decisions based on the condo board’s and unit owners’ rights and responsibilities. Reach out to TdD Attorneys at Law LLC for the guidance you need.

Legal services TdD Attorneys at Law provides include:

  • Forming the condominium association
  • Drafting the condo association declaration
  • Drafting the condo association CC&Rs or bylaws
  • Amending or restating the condo association documents
  • Enforcing or defending against condo association restrictions or covenants
  • Collecting unpaid condominium association dues or assessments
  • Dealing with a problem condo owner
  • Defending an owner against a condominium association
  • Advising condo associations related to foreclosures
  • Advising potential buyers regarding the bylaws or indentures

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