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5 Ideas for Improving the Value of Your Property

When you're getting ready to put your home on the market- or are considering a potential sale in the future -improving the value of your home becomes a priority. Here are five ideas for improving property value and getting a higher return of investment (ROI):

Buying commercial real estate is more complex than residential

Both residential and commercial real estate are bought and sold often, but the process and complications involved in each type of sale differ. Purchasing residential property tends to be a little bit easier and there is a fairly established procedure for purchasing residential property. Residential properties also usually involve one person or a family and the sale prices are much lower making the financing side much easier to handle often times.

Common title defects to be aware of when purchasing a home

Buying a home is a very important time in many people's lives in Missouri. It is a major purchase and a lot of thought needs to go into the decision. People may look at many, many homes prior to deciding the best one to purchase. There are many different aspects that people are looking for within their budget and want to make sure they buy one that is the right fit for them. So, once they do find the home they want to buy they will go through the real estate negotiation process and hopefully reach an agreement to purchase the home.

Importance of co-tenancy provisions in commercial leases

There are many different businesses in Missouri that provide a number of different services and products. Some of them are small and some of them are very large. While some are able to operate out of their homes, most businesses have office space or rent spaces for retail. When these companies rent spaces they usually enter into commercial leases with the owner of the building. The provisions in these leases can vary greatly depending on the needs of the business, location and many other factors.

Basics of mechanic's liens in construction projects

As people are aware, there are many construction projects occurring in Missouri at any given time. Some are major construction projects of business offices, apartment buildings or condominiums, stadiums and other large projects. However, there are also smaller projects such as building a home or other real estate projects. These can be expensive projects though and it is important for both the contractors to be paid and for the work to be done correctly.

Understanding the purpose of an easement

A Missouri resident may spend years of their life looking for the right place to build their home. They may eventually discover it tucked away in the woods, far from the hustle and bustle of metropolitan living. The individual may find the property description of the land to figure out just where their property lines will lay, and in the process they may discover that their desired lot is lacking a location where it touches the local road.

Zoning can impact where homes are built

Choosing a community in which to build one's dream home can be an exciting step for a person as they anticipate settling down and growing roots in a new place. As they seek out the right spot to construct their new residence they may find different locations that seem to possess different characteristics, benefits, and drawbacks. This is because in Missouri and other locations throughout the nation many communities use zoning to dictate where certain types of structures may be located.

The role of contingencies in a residential purchase agreement

Most Missouri parents have attached contingencies to permitting their children to do what they want. For example, a parent may allow a child to watch cartoons if the child first makes their bed and washes the dishes. Contingencies exist in the workforce, too. A prospective employee may get a job offer that is contingent upon that person passing a background check or other assessment.

Important consideration for people preparing to sell their homes

Making the decision to sell one's home and to move to a new residence or community can be a huge step for a St. Louis family. As such those who are making preparations to undertake this feat should proactively seek out certain information so that they can make knowledgeable and informed decisions about the important task of selling their home. This post is focused on considerations individuals should make before selling their homes through their local real estate markets but as with all legal matters consultation with real estate attorneys is the best way for readers to get case-specific support.

The housing market outlook of st. louis and surrounding areas

For some cities on the map, growth has taken on an entirely new meaning. Cities such as St. Louis are hubs for start-ups, gourmet eateries and other creative niches, so it is easy to see why countless tourists and residents alike flock to the Gateway to the West. Upon closer look, what does the housing market look like for this popular city and surrounding areas? 

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