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When Should You Call a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Are you wondering if it's time to call a personal injury lawyer? If you've been in a work or auto accident recently, there's a good chance this has been weighing on your mind.

If you answered YES, then you should call a personal injury lawyer right away! TdD Attorneys at Law serves clients by offering free, no-obligation consultations -- so you can get stress-free advice that you need on how to proceed with your personal injury. It never hurts to get free advice in these situations-- and the sooner you do it, the better.

When Most People Call a Lawyer

Most of us don't think about calling a lawyer right after an accident. Injury victims typically experience some serious adversity before they realize they need some expert guidance.

Some examples of situations that may require an attorney include:

Car or Motorcycle accidents

Medical malpractice

Nursing home negligence

Premises liability

Wrongful death

Generally, people will seek legal advice when they realize their injury will seriously affect their lives, they feel frustrated about the time-consuming impact of the injury, and/or they start to experience financial struggle.

Injuries Can Seriously Change

Your Life

Most folks don't want to make a bigger deal out of their injury than necessary- and sometimes they don't even call a doctor. But if you're really hurt to the point where the pain lingers or your life will never be the same, you will need the guidance of a lawyer to ensure you're compensated for the way you've been affected.

The "Work" of Dealing With the Injury is Overwhelming

From the moment you have to deal with an accident for an indefinite period of time, you have to deal with time-consuming work to properly deal with an accident or injury. There are phone calls, paperwork, follow-up, and a whole lot of hassle. And this could all start happening before you even have time to mentally process that the accident happened.

Many of these tasks involve dealing with insurance companies and making personal injury claims. All of a sudden there's a ton of mail piling up, emails to respond to, and long phone calls to take. It can be incredibly overwhelming.

Once that overwhelm starts to hit in the aftermath of the accident, it's time to enlist the help of a personal injury lawyer who can deal with all the paperwork and extra time-sensitive burdens for you.

When the Finances Take a Hit

It's not always apparent at first but dealing with accidents can get expensive. Whether it's car accident repairs, medical expenses from copays, or a loss of wages from injuries keeping you out of work, you can end up losing out way more than you could have planned for from an injury.

When an accident begins to cause you to hemorrhage money and can't afford to sacrifice stability in your finances, it's time to call a lawyer.

Once You Know You Need a Lawyer

As soon as you suspect you may need assistance from a personal injury lawyer, act right away. There are several factors putting you at risk by delaying a call to an expert like deadlines and evidence. A lawyer can keep you on track, help you build a case, and be the best advocate for you in the legal world.


Contacting a personal injury lawyer may seem like one more stressful item on a to-do list, but getting a lawyer to represent you will make your life easier, not harder. You deserve expert advice from years of experience and TdD Attorneys at law of St Louis Missouri are here to help.

Contact us today for a free consultation with a personal injury lawyer.

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