Missouri Title Insurance Attorney

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A Missouri Title Insurance Attorney will review Chapter 381 of the Missouri Revised Statutes, known as the Missouri Title Insurance Act, to help resolve any legal issues involving title insurance and title insurance agents. Missouri title insurance has many terms that most people are not familiar with, such as closing protection letter, good funds, title abstract, title commitment, lender's title insurance policy and owner's title insurance policy. Further, it is very important to know the difference between the title insurance company, often referred to as a title underwriter, and the title insurance agent, often referred to as a title company. What makes this more confusing is that some title insurance companies also have title insurance agents of the same name. The Managing Member of TdD Attorney at Law is very familiar with this area having held positions as underwriting counsel for a title insurance company, and president of a title insurance agent.

St. Louis Title Claim Lawyer

St. Louis Title Claim Lawyers generally assist clients in two capacities. The first is assisting individuals and entities in filing and prosecuting a title claim against their title insurance policy. The second is to clear the title defect which can be done in many creative ways that do not involve litigation or by filing a Quiet Title Action or a Reformation Action. A title defect is generally the result of a past real estate transaction where the title history was not searched properly, fraud was involved, or the documents were not drafted, signed, or recorded properly. These issues often do not arise until the next time there is a real estate transaction involving the property. Many title defects are covered under the owner's or the lender's title insurance policy. However, due to current market conditions, title insurance companies are overwhelmed with title claims, resulting in some valid title claims being denied or unreasonable delays. If you have a title defect, you will likely need a title claim lawyer to assist you.

Chesterfield Real Estate Lawyer

From offices in St. Louis, Missouri, TdD Attorneys at Law LLC, represents clients in communities throughout the metro area including St. Charles, St. Peters and Chesterfield. Contact attorney Ted Disabato at 314-527-3224 to schedule an initial consultation with an experienced Chesterfield real estate lawyer today. Our firm offers reasonable fees and payment arrangements to all clients.

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