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The sales contract and disclosures that guide most residential real estate transactions in St. Louis City, St. Louis County, Jefferson County and St. Charles County is a standardized form drafted and approved by St. Louis real estate contract lawyers and the St. Louis Association of Realtors. Considering such, if you utilized a Realtor to buy or sell your real estate property they are likely using a quality contract. The problems occur when the buyer, seller, or their respective representative fails to follow the terms of the contract, the seller does not fully disclose information concerning the property as required under Missouri law, or a seller and buyer that are not represented by a Realtor find a contract on the internet and fill it out. Keep in mind the key purpose of a real estate contract is to guide a smooth transaction, with each party knowing their respective rights and obligations. The secondary purpose of a real estate contract is to protect the buyer or seller when the transaction goes very bad.

Missouri Residential Real Estate Transaction

If you find yourself in a Missouri residential real estate transaction that has gone bad, you will likely need a real estate contract lawyer. Missouri residential real estate law provides many protections for the sale and purchase of real estate. If a seller or buyer has backed out of a contract after all contingencies have been satisfied, a suit for specific performance or breach of contract may be used to force the seller or buyer to complete the transaction or provide compensation to the damaged party. If a real estate agent failed to perform their duties or violated a Missouri law set out by the Missouri Real Estate Commission, a lawsuit involving the agent's errors and omissions insurance may be necessary. A real estate transaction can go bad at so many different points and in so many different ways, it is important that you have real estate contract law firm on your side that specializes in real estate.

Real Estate Contract Law Firm St. Charles Missouri

From offices in St. Louis, Missouri, TdD Attorneys at Law LLC, represents clients in communities throughout the metro area including St. Charles, St. Peters and Chesterfield. Contact attorney Ted Disabato at 314-527-3224 to schedule an initial consultation with an experienced real estate contract law firm serving St. Charles Missouri and all of Metropolitan St. Louis today. Our firm offers reasonable fees and payment arrangements to all clients.

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