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A Missouri Quiet Title Lawsuit, also called an Action to Quiet Title or Quiet Title Action, is most commonly used by a Quiet Title Lawsuit Lawyer for clearing title issues, fixing defects in title, or confirming the ownership of real estate. A Quiet Title Lawsuit is also generally required after a property has been purchased at tax sale which is covered in part by Section 140.330 of the Missouri Revised Statutes.

Clearing Title Defect or Issue St Louis

The title defect or issue, often called a "cloud on title," is generally something or someone in the title history that results in the current owner holding less than perfect title, legally referred to as fee simple title. Corrections to the chain of title, or clearing a title defect or issue could be necessary because a document was not recorded in the Recorder of Deeds Office but should have been, a document was improperly recorded, or the recorded document itself contained errors. If the only title issue is a recorded document containing an error, and that error is based on a mutual mistake of all parties to the document, a Reformation Action may be the preferred lawsuit. A Quiet Title Lawsuit is more appropriate where two or more individuals or entities have a dispute as to who is the true owner of a property and the goal is to confirm ownership or remove the ownership of another. However, a Quiet Title Lawsuit is not appropriate where the true and correct owners of a property do not agree on the use of the property or whether or not to sell the property. In that situation a Partition Lawsuit is the preferred legal action.

Section 527.150 of the Missouri Revised Statutes, provides the statutory authority to file a Quiet Title Lawsuit. This process requires that the individual or entity filing the lawsuit, file a petition with the circuit court of the County where the property is located. A Lis Pendens is then recorded in the recorder of deeds office to ensure anyone looking at the chain of title knows a lawsuit has been filed concerning the title to this property.

In states other than Missouri, a Quiet Title Lawsuit may be called a try title lawsuit, trespass to try title lawsuit or ejectment action.

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