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This St. Louis Real Estate Law Firm finds that property disputes concerning real estate occur most often in two categories, the first being amongst multiple individuals that have inherited a property. This is especially true amongst siblings that have inherited their parent's home, and one of the siblings was either living in the parent's home or does not own their own home. The second category being non-married or homosexual couples who purchased a home, have ended their romantic relationship and now cannot agree on whether to sell, at what price to sell or how to split the proceeds of the sale. An attorney with a St. Louis real estate law firm generally will first attempt to negotiate with the other owners until a settlement is reached. However, if an agreement cannot be reached, Missouri provides a statutory based lawsuit called a Partition Suit that will force the sale of the property and determine how the proceeds will be divided.

Missouri Partition Suit Lawyer

As stated above, a Missouri Partition Suit Lawyer will generally attempt to get the owners of the house to come to some agreement. If an agreement cannot be reached, Chapter 528 of the Missouri Revised Statutes provides the authority to force the sale of the property. This option is generally the least beneficial option for all involved because the house will be sold by the Sheriff on the courthouse steps which often results in a low sale price for the property. A Partition Suit is proper when there is no dispute as to the ownership of the property. If there is a dispute, a Quiet Title Suit may be necessary.

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