Missouri Construction Lawyer

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Construction to build a new home or make improvements to your current home can be a dream or a nightmare. If you find yourself in a nightmare situation, you will likely want to consult a Missouri Construction Lawyer. Although there are many very talented and professional construction contractors and landscapers in St. Louis, there are many more that claim to be professional because they have a hammer or a lawn mower. A construction project is generally a large investment for the homeowner. Considering such, if you need a project reviewed before it starts, are beginning to feel there are too many problems in the construction, or you've already paid and now can't get the contractor to show up, contacting a Missouri Construction Lawyer sooner than later may save a significant amount of money and headaches.

On the other side, if you are a talented and professional contractor and are dealing with an individual or entity that is making unreasonable demands or refuses to pay, your time to file a mechanic's lien is limited; mechanics liens must be filed in a very specific manner, therefore it is suggested that a contractor use a Missouri Construction Lawyer to ensure that proper notices have been given, and the mechanic's lien is filed in the proper format and with the proper information.

St. Louis Construction Defect Law Firm

If the project went well, but now a floor is sagging, walls are cracking, the electric or plumbing is faulty, or any other construction defect exists, you may want to contact a St. Louis Construction defect law firm or Missouri construction lawyer. The best contractors and home builders stand behind their work and will remedy any problems quickly; however, if you are constantly being told the repairs will be made, but they are not, or the contractor refuses to answer your phone calls, a construction defect law firm may be necessary.

St. Peters Construction Contractor Attorney

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