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A Will or "Last Will and Testament," is the document most people associate with an estate plan. It is a declaration of how, and to whom, you would like your assets to be distributed at death. In addition, it allows you to designate who would take care of any minor children. The format and operation of your Will can vary drastically based on your family circumstances, state law and an individual's desires. It is extremely important to hire a St. Louis Missouri Estate Plan Lawyer to ensure that all matters addressed in a Will are done so properly, and in the proper format, to ensure the Will is valid.

Many clients choose to complete both a Will and a Trust to avoid the legal process of the Probate Court. A Trust, is a document that outlines how, and to whom, you would like your assets to be distributed. While similar to a Will in that respect, a Trust offers the additional benefits of providing much more control over the distribution of your assets, minimizing estate tax, and, if done properly by a Missouri Will Lawyer, avoids the necessity of your estate going through the Probate Court.

There are two common Will formats depending on whether your estate plan contains a Trust. If your estate plan includes a Trust, a Pour-over Will is utilized. If not, a Simple Will is utilized. Both are described briefly below.

Pour-Over Will

A Pour-Over Will gets its name from the fact the primary function is to transfer or "pour over" assets to a Trust. For tax planning and asset control reasons, most of the control in a complete estate plan is given to the Trust. Therefore, the Trust contains all of the direction regarding the distribution and control of your assets. The Will is to ensure that any assets that were not placed into the Trust, are transferred into the Trust at death.

Simple Will

If your Estate Plan does not contain a Trust, then a Simple Will is utilized that controls the full distribution of your assets. A Simple Will is actually much more complicated than a Pour-over Will considering it contains the direction for the distribution of your assets.

Without a Will, or even with a Will that was not drafted and executed properly, a Court will determine how your assets are distributed and who will be the guardian of your minor children. The St. Louis Missouri Estate Plan Attorneys of TdD Attorneys at Law can draft a complete estate plan or a Simple Will tailored to your specific requests and based on your past, current and possibly future family structure.

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